Wuqing nourishing health pad women


Wuqing Nourishing Health pad( female;1 box)
Ge ion energy, anion and far infra red plus herbal essence which helps women with comfortable menstruation, slim body shape, larger chest ,
smoother skin, better sleep and free from gynaecological problems, etc.


Research data shows that more than 85% married women in the world suffer from at least 2 gynecological diseases during their life with the percentage in developing countries exceeding 90%.In vast rural areas, the gynecological disease incidence rates of women who have given birth reaches over 97%. Women’s reproductive health has become an urgent issue that needs to be solved. On the basis of former bacteriostatic nourishing formula for “golden triangle”, the New NOURIPAD Anion Sanitary Napkin is equipped with scientific recuperating compositions and gets strengthened in respect of the function of anion chip, which can release anion for averagely 6000/cm3. The negative ion may directly function on women’s private parts, which could curb and kill bacterium, nourish the body, warm the womb, maintain beauty and consolidate health of women’s reproductive system and other maintenance functions. The product could comprehensively promote women’s anti-aging capability from inside to outside.

Suitable for:
1. Women who suffer from gynecological diseases.
2. Women who need nursing and care after abortion or birth.
3. Women who suffer from dysmenorrheal or abnormal menstruation.
4. Women who are steriledue to damage to the reproductive organs.
5. Women who want to postpone menopause.
6. Women who want to solve vaginal relaxation, dryness and chromatosis.
7. Women who care about maintenance and want to be young and beautiful.

Three Distinguishing Features:

Feature I : Prevent gynecological diseases, improve inflammation-diminishing and sterilization According to SGS anti-bacterialtest report, the new NOURIPAD anion energy chip has good anti-bacterial effect on blastomycesalbicans, colibacillus and staphylococcus aureus, which can kill almost all the harmful bacterium that may cause gynecological diseases. The chip will build a safe bacteria-free barrier for “golden triangle” of women,and has potent bactericidal effect on menstrual blood and diseases in vagina and could effectively restrict occurrence and re-occurrence of various gynecological diseases.

Feature II : Remove waste toxins, long-term ovary nourishment The New NOURIPAD Anion Sanitary Napkin conducts detoxification and maintenance at the same time, radically removing waste toxins left in reproductive system, emit far infrared and effectively nourish women’s golden triangle of vagina, ovary and womb by taking advantage of the opportunity that orifice of womb is open during menstrual period.

Feature III : Warm womb & maintain beauty and reproduce youth By using New NOURIPAD Anion Sanitary Napkin long term, the scientifically matched recuperating Chinese herbal medicine will constantly work on the origin of life – “womb”. The environment in the womb will be gradually purified and become ruddy like the mouth of young girls. After the womb is nourished, skin will be improved through blood circulation and you will regain beauty.

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  1. ANGIE

    I have not used i kown it will be very good and i will like to use d product and need it how much n where can i buy it.

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