Herbal care antiseptic and anti batcerial mouth wash


Sunlit Herbal Antiseptic/anti bacterial Mouthwash (1 bottle)
Multiple antibacterial components help to deal with problems that cannot be solved by brushing teeth. Oral care expert with multiple effects in one.
– helps remove tough stains on your teeth from smoke and tea
– 24hours prevention from various germs.
– help to protect injured teeth
-anti bacterial

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Herbal care antiseptic and anti bacterial mouth wash is one of the best products in the market. its a norland product mouthwash. Some of the functions include;

+ Adds a natural cover of defense to the mouth mucous

+ Relives gum discomfort

+ Reduces the quantity of acidic substances in the oral cavity

+ It inhibits oral bateria

+ Removes oral odour

+ It eliminates inflammation

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