Kuding tea


Three in one

  • Refreshing mind
  • coordinate intestines and stomach
  • Loosing weight and slimming
  • Preventing cancer
  • prolonging life

Norland s healthway Kuding Tea is a Chinese herbal tea.  Tea has a history of 5,000 years in China. As ancients saying goes _tea is a catholicon for all ills, people will have everything to gain and nothing to lose._

*Three in One*
– To refresh mind
– Nurse health
– Prolong life

*Health benefits*
1. Prolong life
2. Coordinating intestines and stomach
3. Losing weight and slimming
4. Preventing cancer

5. Adjusting the three highs (high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar)


KUDING tea could remove heat and clear toxin, diminish inflammation and kill bacteria, stop coughing and remove phlegm, strengthen the function of stomach and increase digest, refresh people’s mind, defend cancer, decrease blood pressure, hemoglobin and cholesterol. It is a kind of natural and multi-functional refreshment.

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