High purity combination peptides


Combination peptides

  • Repairs damaged muscles, ease blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • Scavanging free radicals, restore the vigor of cell, postpone senility.
  • improve memory, good effects on brain, improve eyesight.
  • Accelerates the decomposition of alcohol, reduce the harm it causes.
  • help to produce blood, improve anemia, avoid the aggregation of platelets.
  • Improve digestive system and chronic intestinal disease.
  • Remarkable improvement to disease like rheumatism, rheumtoid, diabetes.
  • Prevent disease like high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hypergilcemia, thrombus, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, sexualdisorder, antioxidant, antifatigue, anti-aging, antiviral and improve the immunity.
  • Help to repair the cell, improve its metabolism, prevent cell degeneration, anti-cancer function.

Norland High Purity Combination peptides are made of high quality raw materials Such as (all non-GMO) like soy beans, ocean fish, wheat selected from China, USA, and Malaysia. The raw material is synthetized into super energetic small molecular peptides through cutting-edge patent enzymolysis patent technology,the nutrients of which provide the full power to build a good health.

Peptides play an important role in forming protein. They help by way of incretion (secretion into the blood or tissues) and neurosecretion (neurohormones secreted from nerve cells in the brain that circulate into the bloodstream) to adjust life processes such as growth, development, reproduction, metabolic processes, and its activity, etc.

Norland high purity combination peptides with the exclusive balanced composition of three peptides is the congregation of three types of smaller molecular peptides: soy bean peptide, sea fish oligopeptide, and wheat oligopeptide. This combination, as a tri-peptide complex, is magnified 27 times normal peptides


  1. help to enhance physical strength and relieve fatigue
  2. lower blood pressure
  3. decrease the serum cholesterol level
  4. anti- aging
  5. enhance immune mechanism
  6. vitalize physiological mechanism.
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