Joining Norland – 6 Easy Steps

Step 1

Attend a Presentation

Attend a Business Presentation (Office or as arranged with member). Click HERE to have a member arrange with you. Get full understand of the products and the compensation plan.

Step 2

Choose Products

Based on presentation, decide which products you wish to have, as you will get health products to the value of your registration amount. Click HERE for full products list.

Step 3

Choose Entry Level

Based on your training (from Presentation), choose which ENTRY LEVEL. Is it Senior member (87,000), Bronze (167,000), Silver (350,000), Gold (700,000) or Diamond (1,350,000).

Step 4

Make Payment

Using the Norland banking details, make the required payment for your chosen entry level. Use your first and Last name as Reference. Click HERE for Norland Bank details.

Step 5

Register Online

Let your UPLINE (the person who introduced you to Norland) assist you with filling offline/online registration form. You need to get the relevant QC Codes after registration.

Step 6

Start Recruiting

Conclude your registration, get your chosen products and start recruiting others, which means to market the Norland Products and get paid from the different bonuses. Get assistance from Team Leader.

Norland Compensation Plan

-Member entry pack

Sign up at one of the existing levels with your initial purchase and upgrade purchase at the amount listed. After the initial purchase, you are able to upgrade to the level you want within sixty days.
Qualification Senior member bronze silver gold Diamond

Amount(USD) 210 420 740 1480 2960
Amount(NGN) 87,000 167,000 350,000 700,000 1,350,000
Pv 128 256 560 1120 2240

-Advancement bonus

Bonus payment for first two layers(placemant tree):50%50%
1. first layer bonus: 50%* A(ceiling: not more than 50% of personal pv)

2. second layer bonus: 50%*D(ceiling: not more than 50% of personal pv)
Product incentive 25% * purchase value of the directly sponsored downline (registration and upgrade order only)

640 x 50%=320USD
640 x 50%=320USD
Note: this calculation is under the condition that all the members on the same level from the same leg sign up in the same week and only initial order is used to calculate advancement bonus. The highest pv from each layer and each is selected to match with each other and bonus is calculated from the lower one Pv diference between a and b, C and D will spill over the calculate GPB.


-Group performance bonus (gpb)

Level Senior member bronze silver gold diamond
Percentage 10% 10.5% 11% 12% 13%
Weekly ceiling 1500 3000 6000 12000 24000
Group performance bonus is paid from 10% to 13% of the accumulated pv of your payment group. Payment group (payment group pv-pv used to calculate advancement bonus). For the calculation of gpb, the pv of the week in course is added to the cumulative totals of the previous weeks. if any, on the same group where it originated.(this balance is the difference that comes from the power group minus the amount of payment group executed the previous week ). From these, calculations, subtotal on each group is obtained, thus determining the smaller group (the one with less volume), which is your pay group in the week.


week 1

week 2

200k x 13%= 26000USD
(500k – 200k) x 13%=39000USD
(900k-500k) X 13%=52000USD
Note: pv used to calculate GPB does include does include pv used to calculate advancement bonus.

-leadership bonus and honorary bonus

Leadership bonus is designed to compensate your time and efforts in building your own sales organisation and calculated on GB of your every down-line within 9 generations of your network of sponsorship (nos). From silver medal(S/M) and higher levels, you are entitled to five compressed generations of leadership bonus which means if the relevant generation is inactive, it would be replaced by the next active generation.
Honorary bonus is paid to gold diamond and higher-level leaders.

-Maintenance bonus

twelve compressed generations
1st G 2nd G 3rd G 4th G 5th G 6th G
8% 7% 6% 5% 4% 3%
7th G 8th G 9th G 10th G 11th G 12th G
3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8%

1. when monthly income is greater than or equals to 150$, 5% goes into reorder account with a max of $150 per month.
2. monthly maintenance order
When the reorder is greater than or equals to 28pv into coupon at the end of the circle for monthly maintenance and this qualifies members to earn maintenance bonus to 12 compressed generations. If reorder account pv were not up to 28pv, 28pv from retail order will used as monthly maintenance bonus pool.

-Benefit bonus

1.5% for trip and 1% for car
Trip incentive=personal group performance bonus/ total qualified group performance bonus * 1.5% of regional total pv
1. silver medal and above level members
2. from the following year maintain silver medal qualification for 6 consecutive months or three consecutive months twice in a calendar year.
3. buy monthly maintenance from the following month of silver medal qualification.
Car incentive= personal group performance bonus/total qualified performance bonus * 1% of regional total pv
Conditions and requirements:
1. silver diamond and above level members.
2. from the following year maintain silver diamond qualification for six consecutive months or three consecutive months twice a calendar year. monthly maintenance from the following month of silver diamond qualification.

Norland Bonuses

Fast start bonus + Free product voucher bonus.

Register as senior member and use 80,000 to pick products of your choice and sell to make 20% profit
Then introduce two people who will do exactly what you did and get paid 68,000. Introduce another two people and get paid another 68,000 again.
a. If above two people register as bronze, you get paid 136, 000 , if another two is bronze you get paid another 136,000 again.

b. If above two people register as silver, you get paid 272, 000 , if another two is silver you get paid another 272,000 again.
c. If above two people register as gold, you get paid 544, 000 , if another two is gold you get paid another 544,000 again.
d. If above two people register as diamond, you get paid 1,088, 000 , if another two is diamond you get paid another 1,088,000 again.
Note: you will collect 59 percent of your money as free product of your choice.
For any one you sponsor you earn free product voucher till infinity.

 Group Performance Bonus.

Paid weekly based on rank
Bronze 10.5%, silver 11%, gold 12% and diamond 13%
Note: your pvs are accumulative and not flushed . however it is a capped system as a senior member to gold avd uncapped for diamond.
Senior member 2.4 million naira/weekly, bronze 4.8m, silver 9.6 m, gold 19.2m, diamond 38.4 m and above.

Leadership Bonus Or Fast Track Bonus

Starts from silver members
Silver – 8% for your entire first generation.
Gold – 8% from your first generation and 5% from your second generation.
Diamond – 8% from first generation, 5% from your second generation and 5% from your second generation.

Maintenance bonus or repurchase bonus( not compulsory)

You purchase as little as 28pvs monthly to earn maintenance bonus on generations.
1st – 8%,2nd -7%,3rd -6%,4th -5%,5th -4%,6th -3%,7th -3%,8th -4%, 9th -5%,10th-6%,11th -7%,12th -8%.
Plus added 20% entire group repurchase payout . note: not purchasing 28pvs.
doesn’t make you inactive in norland, you still got other bonuses and incentives.

 Benefit Bonus

Norland sets aside 1.5% global income for your personal trip (not promo trip) and 1% global income for a status car (of choice)
and promo of group 80,000pv till feb 2019 or 110,000pv for small/big car.

 Honorary Bonus(long term dividends and global dividends) 

norland sets aside a substantial amount of money in the honorary bonus section of your back- office e-wallet for leaders reaching the rank of gold, diamond and above. This is where you have house funds to the tune 35 million naira and above.



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