Blog Post 1- Creating a new era of reproductive health
Nouripad series of products, wuqing nourishing health pantyliner for ladies only and wuqing men care pantyliner for men use only,
perfectly combines energy detoxification and herbal maintenance, and ushers in a new era of reproductive health.
Breakthrough energy detoxification visible effects
Application of global cutting-edge technology; three energies; launching private health
When temperature reaches 320c, the outermost electron of ge ionwill go off track due to stimulation.
Afterthe biological ion equilibrium will be adjusted to release anion and infrared
Which are conducive to human body and deep cell detoxification will be achieved.
Meanwhile the product is optimal for oxygen enrichment, which could accelerate cell recovery and keep cell energetic.
Geion energy
Anion energy
Far infra red energy
Breakthrough II herbal essence, safer and purer
World’s highest production standards
Nouripad perfectly combines herbal essence and energy facets.
Discharging toxins by adopting comprehensive health management that is integrated with the functions of releasing, motivating, detoxifying, recovering and maintaining.
Nouripad at the same time also maintains and protects reproductive system, revives self healing properties and improves health index as well life vitality.
Miraculous treasure of Chinese tree medicine extract of saussurea involucrata
National known herb jelly extract of apocynum venetum
King of diminishing inflammation in Chinese medicine
Extract of kuh seng
Promote yang and adjust yin fructus cnidii and herba epimedii


Blog post 2 –

The beauty of women not only comes from the appearance, but also the exclusive inner charm of women.
The source of charm comes womens original starting point – golden triangle. Vagina, womb and ovary comprise of the womens life golden triangle
a secret garden of women and a special internal recycling system. The golden triangle plays and important role in the life women
.it the place where life starts, the essence of womens beauty and the focus we shall take care of.
A new medical concept hypothesizes that:
Menstrual period is a significant physiological adjustment period for women. If you take hold of the key to the period to maintain and protect the golden triangle,
your body internal environment will be comprehensively improved and you will be more beautiful and younger.
New nouripad anion sanitary napkin (245mm)
Breaking the tradition, creating intimate female maintenance
The new era of portable
Research data shows that more than 85% married women in the world suffer from at least two gynaecological diseases
during their life with the percentage in developing countries exceeding 90%. In vast rural areas,
the gynaecological incident rates of women who have given birth reaches over 97% . women’s reproductive health has become an urgent issue that needs to be solved.
On the basis of former bacteriostatic nourishing formula for golden triangle the new nouripad anion sanitary napkin is equipped with scientific recuperating compositions and gets strengthened in respect of the function of anion chip, which can release anion for averagely 600/cm3 . The negative ion may directly function on women’s private parts, which could curb and kill bacterium, nourish the body, warm the womb, maintain beauty and consolidate help of women’s reproductive systemand other maintenance functions. The product could comprehensively promote women’s anti-aging capability from inside to outside.

Blog post 3_ Norland energy bracelet

The norland Ti energy bracelet with embodied titanium and combned with magnet therapy is useful in treating unbalanced magnetic field as well as balancing
positive in the human body.
What is titanium?
Titanium ha super strength,high chemical stability and excellent biocompability.its the only metal that has adverse effect on the human autonomic system.
its not toxic or harmful to human body.

Efficiency of titanium:
1. adjust the biocurent of human body to promote blood circulation and physical performance.
2. relieve the sore parts of the body,elevate muscle and dispel fatigue
3. stimulate the flow of blood to eliminate the pan and fatigue factors in the blood
What is magnet?
The earth itself is a giant magnet.human beings are under the effect of geomagnetic field all the time.just like air,water,
sunshin are one of the indispensable elements thet the human life depends on.

Blogpost 4 – Dedicated magic pan; Upgrade your cooking experience with this perfect gift
Dedicated magic pan
Be unfazed by any cooking task
Tough and tensile intimate contact with fire
Made with high purity aluminium alloy and processed by high- intensity surface anodizing.
Hard, corrosion- resistant, wear and tear resistant and has high insulation
High-density bottom, which heats evenly. Suitable for various types of cookers.
(induction cooker, radiant-cooker, gas stove)
Relax, and enjoy your meal, safe and reliable materials and processing
Natural ceramic coating, avoids carcinogenic risk posed by PFOE, PTFT and PTFE coatings.
Although ptfe (polytetrafluoroethylene) has the same heat- resisting and corrosion- resisting properties,
it poses a carcinogenic risk and therefore not recommended to be used in cookware.
High-tech aseptic processing : it is anti- bacterial, toxic free, fluoride-free and does not pollute the environment.
Natural ceramic coating, avoids carcinogenic risk posed by PFOE, PTFT and PTFE coatings.
Although PFTE(polytetrafluoroethylene) has the same heat-resisting properties, it poses a carcinogenic risk and therefore not recommended to be used in footware



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